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Debugging our Students

When we encounter issues as educators we often work to solve the problem in the most efficient way. Most of the time this is effective and the right thing to do. In the world of tech education and teaching our students authentic skills it may not always be the right way. Our students need to be debugged and taught the best tech practices to be positive digital citizens.
I’ve had that student at age 16 who after a weekend or a school break doesn’t remember their password. It was past the winter break and deep into class projects. My attention is being pull to facilitate and support students all over the room. Students have a signup for scheduled meetings with me tacked to the board. The period is packed with activity digging deep into student developed questions. And there is one student who raises their hand and sheepishly says, “I forgot my password”. And no, they can’t reset it themselves.
So what do I do? The demands of the whole are often greater. I go for the easy fix. “Your new pa…

Hosting your School site using new Google Sites

It was brought to my attention by a friend that I have been redirecting my naked domain of to the new Google Sites essentially hosting a site for free. The question is how the heck did I do that? Well here's the show from Google and here's the how from me below.

1. Create a New Google Site to redirect to.
2. Publish the site to a folder on your site directory. Be sure to Manage your setting so "Anyone can find and view".

3. Open your Admin console and go to Apps>GSuite>Sites (Sites is on the second page of apps by default). 4. Scroll to the bottom and expand Web Address Mapping by clicking on it.  5. Click Add A New Web Address

6. I recommend keeping the NewSites setting,  7. At Site location enter the Site Folder Name from when you published. Be sure your site is on the domain selected.

8. Use www as your subdomain.  9. Set up a CNAME of www in your DNS settings. I recommend using Google domains. It makes things easier. Here's how my records …

Professional Learning Networks

Recently I had the opportunity to educate teachers on the Common Sense Education curriculum at the NYC STEM Institute. While facilitating some really great conversation I was struck by the excitement of the group. Tech always excites me. Especially when it gets used for positive unintended purposes. When I see an educator excited I know it will bring more to their communities. It also indicates they may have been missing out on belonging the right professional learning networks.
I sometimes assume everyone knows and has see the basic educational technology available; GSuite, Office 365, Apple iWork. And I’m often wrong. Just seeing these things doesn’t mean an educator is taking advantage of them or knows how they work. It also doesn't mean they know how to infuse them in their practice. Giving EdTech to educators doesn’t change practice without proper training. This is where a good PLN, Professional Learning Network can help.
PLNs take all forms, in-person meetups, conference vi…