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Clay Smith is a NYC Educator specializing in Career and Technical Education in the areas of Theater and Technology. He currently works for the Committee on Special Education as the Lead Data Manager developing software to support the special education process. Clay is a soon to be Google Innovator. He works to support operation efficiency where ever he can through technology. Clay has developed Google Add-ons and various database solutions. He lives in Brooklyn and is a life long passionate learner. 


  1. Hello, I'm very grateful for your scripts. I do have a question:
    Is there a way that your Bathroom Log could be used to capture Google Meet attendance into a spreadsheet. I'm currently running a school with 970 Google Classrooms in it, and asking all teachers to load an add-on isn't working.
    Any and all ideas are so very welcome. Thank you.

  2. Hi Clay, thanks for your work and thoughtfulness to share what you create. I work with many teachers who want an easy way to record an audio file in Google Slides and insert it into a slide. Might be an extension or a Slide Add-on. The current process requires recording in an external app, uploading it to Drive and then inserting it. With your cool little "Record to Slides" extension, I think you probably have the code and could create something which records just the audio. Keep up the good work! And email me if you need a beta tester.

    Andy Mann, Instructional Technology Consultant, Muskegon Area ISD, Michigan

  3. Greetings, Thank you for creating Block Unenroll. I am not finding any documentation about how it works. Does it need to be installed as a Chrome extension on the GC teachers' devices? On the students' devices? If on student devices, how do we keep them from deactivating the extension. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  6. May I know how you got the API for google meeting. I saw that you made an auto attendance extension and I want to know how you made this work.


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