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Collect Quick Formative Feedback

We often send our students to complete independent writing work. We circulate the room and the students that are vocal get the attention. But what about those students that don't raise their hand to ask for help? How can we provide an easier way for them to reach out to us? Well, here's a way to create a custom menu for a document and collect some formative feedback.

Spreadsheet collecting data, Document which can be copied with the code.

Our starting function is the onOpen function. This is a reserved word which the doc looks for in the script. As the document is opened this script is run. In this case we engage the DocumentApp library of code. The getUi begins the user interface. We createMenu and name it something. I've named it with a emoji of a hand to support the idea that we don't always need menus with words. This menu will show up as a new main menu like File or Edit. We then add a menu item with addItem. The first item is a sad face. the sad face is co…

Auto Add User to Sheets

Ever needed to grab the name of the user that edited a line of a Sheet? Sure you can comb through the version history but isn't it better to just see the the information right on the sheet? Google Scripts provides a way to capture the user that edited. Let's take it one step further and make a bathroom log. Students logged in to their Google Account on the same domain as you will be able to click an icon and create a record that they are going to the restroom. No one will be able to mark the sheet while they are out. Sample

So the code we need to know to identify the user currently editing the sheet would be Session.getActiveUser().getEmail()
To break this down, the Session refers to the period a user is logged in. A session can be time limited or limited to the particular device being used. We use the Session to access the method of
The active user is the user logged in. From here the only selection is

Stringing these together and we  can identify w…

Tour Creator Drawings

I have admittedly been sitting on this for a while now and have just had the opportunity to post about it. How can we take advantage of Google's Tour Creator in education even when we don't have a 360 camera? Make Tour Creator Drawings with your class!

If you don't know Tour Creator yet it's a web browser app online from google which allows users to create 360 immersive tours. Traditionally we think of these tours using photos. Here's my tour I made of Auschwitz. But we can also create the tour using drawings. Here's my sample drawing tour (turn the sound on for this).

Well how did I do that and how can you do it? Easy. Below is my brief intro video.

Here's my slide deck on how to make them.  Here's a Google Drawing Template you can use. And below is my more detailed how to video demo. 

Looking forward to seeing your Tour Creator Drawings!