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Why are we still fighting the tech implementation battle?

I’ve recently seen a few posts on social media indicating technology takes away from education. I’ve witnessed certification opportunities from large companies being redesigned to reach educators. This year one large company, only now, has released a tablet version of their product. *coughgooglecough* 
Why are we still fighting this battle of implementation of technology in education rather than embracing it? Tech in education is not an argument. Certification is a must and shouldn’t have to be sold. Simple handheld devices must be the norm for our entry point students.
I can access college level coursework on my phone at anytime. I’m able to explore Mars in Virtual Reality from 360 images recently sent back to earth. I can reach hundreds of colleagues to collaborate on ideas. Why would I hold my students back from having access to resources and skills they will need for their own success when they graduate? 
If this is the world now what will it look like to our kindergarteners?  To giv…