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Vlogging to Support the Writing Process

Learning how to write a well crafted paper can be a frustrating process for many students. It can be just as frustrating for teachers teaching students how to write an essay. Vlogging can help students to structure thoughts and provide a framework to build off. I've created some slides to support the process with iMovie.
I was recently asked to provide a short workshop for an Apple related “unconference” event. It allowed me the opportunity to put down ideas I had regarding digital media and teaching writing. I chose to explore the use of vlogging when teaching writing. I chose to use Casey Neistat as my example. You may know him from “Bike Lanes” Being in NYC I needed a vlogger students could connect with while also getting something academic out of the content. Casey had vlogged on a recent event “Living in NYC during a Crisis”. Looking at the Vlog I could identify the main parts and connect the pieces quite clearly to an essay format. It also didn’…