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Google's Accessibility Menu Isn't as Accessible as It Could Be

When Google announced the Accessibility menu in G Suite I was excited for the various possibilities of this tool. My focus was on the screen reader. We all learn best in various ways. Accessibility tools shouldn't be considered just for those with special needs they can benefit all of us. Screen reader allows document text to be read back to the user. It also verbalizes the menus and actions the user is taking on the screen.

While I conducted a training the Accessibility menu was asked about. I hadn't previously had the time to explore it. The menu had just appeared on the school's domain teacher thought it could help a lot of students with various tasks. I was on my Macbook Pro and turned on the accessibility screen reader, "Speak" ...nothing. Teachers were on various PC's and turned on their Speak from the Accessibility menu. Again, nothing. I had to move on with the training but aimed to circle back and explore it in my own time.

What I've found is th…