Scratch 3.0 ISTE 2018

ISTE 2018 is off to a pre-conference start. I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Resnick of MIT speak on Scratch 3.0 and the new features we are about to see. I’m on board with it, and excited for what’s coming. My only reservations are the provided materials may be blocked (YouTube), no collaboration features, and a lack of ability to see the code as a syntactical language.

Beta Launch 3.0 August 1st, 2018

Full Launch 3.0 January 2nd, 2019

Dr. Resnick asserts Scratch 3.0 provides more ways to create and more ways to get started. The editor has a new look which provides a better user experience.

It even works well with iPad. I checked.

It has a nice new add sprite function with a library of sprites showing costumes like gifs as you mouse over.

Block pallet is fully scrollable. No longer do we need to remember the category for the block. We can scroll through them all or jump to a category. Blocks are bigger for touch screen ability. Pallet of blocks is on the left for a left to right flow.

They’ve added new sounds that work with a mouse over. I anticipate a noisy classroom ahead. They added a sound editor which has the capability to add effects. Costume editor is also improved.

One of the more exciting things we saw was the new extensions library.

Certain devices add more physical actions such as shaken. Consider how programing can be a physical description with the coding. We can have student interact with the programming and become part of it.

Micro bit hooks up to make a game controller based on the tilt.

Video capture allows video interaction with sprites. A lot can be done here. To visually interact. Consider what can be made to work with students with various needs.

Scratch connects with Spotify and gets music and other music data like beats.

<Enter Music Video Here>

How to resources being provided but YouTube videos are embedded. This could be an issue of access for some school districts. Hey Google, Can you shuttle us to a different domain for Educational verified videos?

<Enter Video of Resources>

Translated blocks

Harvard will be updating the current curriculum for Scratch 3.0. To better match the new format.

Beta Launch 3.0 August 1st

Full Launch 3.0 January 2nd

Lastly the backend has Debugger built. We may see it in 3.0

I’m excited to work with the new version. It has a lot of promise in some areas especially since it’s moving away from Flash. I’m missing out on a much needed way for students to collaborate in real time. The system assumes a 1:1 device relationship which is happening in many districts but it’s far from reality in all. The lack of ability to flip the code to a syntactical language is frustrating since I want students to ultimately pick-up other languages. I’m hopeful for an API so we as educators can develop and interact on a grander scale. In the meantime I’m looking forward to the upcoming launches.


  1. I was holding out hope for collaboration... that was my #1 request. : (

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