Google App Maker

Andrew Stillman of AmplifiedIT took some time to run through an overview of Google's App Maker. If your are looking to dig in here's Developer documentation.

Andrew Stillman bearded speaking in to a mic held by a hand as he types on a laptop.
First lets go over what it's not:
  • A replacement for the Forms to Sheets workflow. App Maker works with a login on the domain. So a public facing App is not a thing here. A Form would be a better choice to collect things like Parent Emails. 
  • A Mobile App maker. My instinct when I hear App is a mobile solution. This is geared to Web app workflows.
  • A no code solution. As slick as it is with drag and drop, autocomplete and GUI it does require knowledge of coding. Specifically HTML, CSS, Javascript and by extension Google Apps Script. 
  • App Maker is similar in ways to Access, or FileMaker Pro. You can work with related data tables and events. 
  • The data can be organized and displayed by user type in some really slick looking Googley ways. 
  • It's a Low code environment so can be worked with by anyone with some computational skills. 
  • Integrates with the G-Suite system through coding including the directory to provide a level of security to the data being worked with. 

But what it is an can be makes it powerful for any environment with a lot of data flow and systems management.

App Maker allows the creation of some really great workflows and automations. SignUps, Permission Slips, Admissions, Book Reports and more become a customizable operation. These things can be developed or even better reach out to AmplifiedIT to develop it for you or just walk you through the process.

Andrew said it best, "Sheets and Forms have gotten us this far but App Maker is the next step." We all have those systems we are trying to improve, simplify or automate. App Maker makes this a real possibility without having to shell out the funds for software. It's collaborative and relatively inexpensive. $15 gets you started on the low end for a GoogleCloud account and gives you a change to play. From there your creations can scale up for various environments. I'm excited to explore more and create some better workflows.

Check out the
App Maker Bootcamp


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