Hosting your School site using new Google Sites

It was brought to my attention by a friend that I have been redirecting my naked domain of to the new Google Sites essentially hosting a site for free. The question is how the heck did I do that? Well here's the show from Google and here's the how from me below.

1. Create a New Google Site to redirect to.
2. Publish the site to a folder on your site directory. Be sure to Manage your setting so "Anyone can find and view".
Name Your Site Folder

3. Open your Admin console and go to Apps>GSuite>Sites (Sites is on the second page of apps by default).
4. Scroll to the bottom and expand Web Address Mapping by clicking on it. 
5. Click Add A New Web Address
Add a New Web Address

6. I recommend keeping the NewSites setting, 
7. At Site location enter the Site Folder Name from when you published. Be sure your site is on the domain selected.
Enter the Site Location and Optional Subdomain

8. Use www as your subdomain. 
9. Set up a CNAME of www in your DNS settings. I recommend using Google domains. It makes things easier. Here's how my records are setup for 
My DNS Records

10. Set your naked domain in Google Admin Panel to redirect to the www subdomain. You can find this in the Domains section.

Give it about an hour and you should be able to hit your new google site from your naked domain. You can also use this to setup subdomains for things like Staff Only websites.

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