Tour Creator Drawings

I have admittedly been sitting on this for a while now and have just had the opportunity to post about it. How can we take advantage of Google's Tour Creator in education even when we don't have a 360 camera? Make Tour Creator Drawings with your class!

If you don't know Tour Creator yet it's a web browser app online from google which allows users to create 360 immersive tours. Traditionally we think of these tours using photos. Here's my tour I made of Auschwitz. But we can also create the tour using drawings. Here's my sample drawing tour (turn the sound on for this).

Well how did I do that and how can you do it? Easy. Below is my brief intro video.

Here's my slide deck on how to make them.  Here's a Google Drawing Template you can use. And below is my more detailed how to video demo. 

Looking forward to seeing your Tour Creator Drawings!


  1. Can I do this with a static image, or does it have to move around?

    1. It'a all a static image you as the user drag and move yourself around.

  2. Hello - I tried your suggestion and Tour Creator returns this error when I try to upload the 360 created with Google Sildes .jpg

    Allowed file types: .jpeg, .jpg, .png
    Photospheres must have a 2:1 aspect ratio. Omnistereo panoramas must have a 1:1 aspect ratio.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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